Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

YUI Cinnamon

Menulis translate lagu ini, rasanya menggambarkan sekali~

Oh iya, aku akan menulis sebuah cerpen lho~
sebuah cerpen yang baru satu orang yang mendengarnya^^

Mari silahkan^^

On a rainy

I noticed
A message

I made you worry, didn’t it?
Because I went to sleep
Early last night

Your voice
In your left message
Sounds lonely

“If the weather is clear tomorrow
I will go see you”

I am happy of course

But didn’t you watch
The weather forecast?

That’s just like you.
A message at 22:00

I immediately
Tried to call you back

Are you already sleeping?
I’ll send you a mail
I’ll make it a long one

I want to hear
Your voice
But it can’t be helped

I am enticed
By the scent of cinnamon

At the dinner table
I calmly wait for an answer

Passing each other at 8:00
I miss you

I am always at home
On rainy days, that’s my story
I want to take you out
And share an umbrella together...

After I have finished
My second cup of cappuccino

I will try to call you
Good morning

I wish the scent of cinnamon
Would reach me

The weather is bad
But I am waiting for you

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

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